Criminal Law

Matthew J. Mix formerly prosecuted criminal cases out of St. Lawrence County for several years. Upon leaving the District Attorney’s office, Matthew J. Mix began offering clients representation from the defense side. Quite often, when emotions are running high in Family Court cases or divorces, a person can be charged with a criminal offense as well.

At the Law Offices of Matthew J. Mix, a client does not have to go retain a new attorney to take care of this new situation, it can be taken care of by the same attorney, someone who is familiar with the total situation right from the start. Having handled Integrated Domestic Violence court cases, it can really provide peace of mind to the client to not need to have two different attorneys working on essentially parallel cases.

But not all clients who are addressing criminal matters arise out of Family Court or from matrimonial actions. Based on many years of past experience these are some of the criminal matters for which individuals can seek assistance at the Law Offices of Matthew J. Mix:

Whether it may be on the low end or an extremely serious offense, the matter is important to the client and it is treated that way at the Law Offices of Matthew J. Mix. Personalized attention remains a constant from initial involvement until final resolution. Being informed at every stage of the process is key to keeping the client involved and not left unsure of the process of resolving the impending charges.